A Rehasense PAWS

£3995.00  (excl. VAT)
£4794.00  (inc. VAT)


*Price shown above is for the PAWS City 12″ Wheel


Let PAWS be a part of your everyday mobility. Get to work with ease and take care of the shopping on the way home.

But primarily it is the best power add-on for your wheelchair.
It combines ergonomics and functionality with good looks.
With PAWS your manual wheelchair becomes an exciting vehicle,
allowing you to be independent when getting to work, going
shopping, or on a trip. This wheelchair power add-on is a great
alternative to the car. Just grab life with your PAWS.
PAWS will be for you what you want it to be – combine pleasure
with function. Driving PAWS will become your hobby.
Every PAWS creates its own story of freedom – meet family and
friends, participate in more activities together or go for a solo
adventure. Get more from mobility.
Discover the PAWS possibilities in the following styles

CITY 12 & 14 inch wheel  CRUISER 16 inch wheel TOURER 20 inch wheel

Set up your PAWS model to matches your style
and needs. During the process of selecting best
configuration you may consider: three models
of PAWS (12’, 14” 16” and 20” wheels), manual
or auto clamping and lifting, two models
of handlebar control, even the size or type
of wheel. Finally, fine tune the handlebar
set-up and select your driving mode.

PAWS Prices

City – 12″ Wheel, Manual Clamp              £3995

City – 14″ Wheel, Manual Clamp              £4200

Cruiser – 16″ Wheel, Manual Clamp        £4600

Tourer – 20″ Wheel, Manual Clamp        £4995

City – 12″ Wheel, Auto Clamp                   £4995

City – 14″ Wheel, Auto Clamp                   £5200

Cruiser – 16″ Wheel, Auto Clamp             £5600

Tourer – 20″ Wheel, Auto Clamp             £5995


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