Welcome to our selection of home from hospital beds and furniture, designed to provide comfort, convenience, and support for individuals transitioning from hospital care to home environments. Our range includes a variety of products such as hospital chairs, beds, and mobility aids tailored specifically for home use.

For those seeking enhanced comfort and mobility, our hospital chairs for home offer exceptional support and functionality. These chairs are designed with features like rise and recline capabilities, ensuring easy transition in and out of the chair. Whether you’re recovering from an injury or simply seeking added comfort, our range of recliners are perfect for your home environment.

Our home from hospital beds are meticulously crafted to provide a restful and supportive sleep experience. With adjustable features and ergonomic design, these beds cater to individual needs, promoting better recovery and relaxation. Whether you need a rise function for easier access or prefer a reclining option for added comfort, our beds are versatile and adaptable to your requirements.

Designed with convenience and functionality in mind, our furniture options bring the comfort of a hospital setting to your home. From specialized chairs to adjustable beds, each piece is crafted to enhance mobility and ensure a seamless transition from hospital to home care.

Experience the convenience of having hospital-grade furniture in the comfort of your own home. With our range of products, you can enjoy the benefits of mobility, comfort, and support, all within arm’s reach. Shop now and create a home environment that caters to your needs, near and far.

barrowford day chair
brompton high fireside chair
iconic quad motor rise recliner
medley ergo hospital bed with mattress
opera signature profiling bed
quantock latral quad motor rise recliner
safety bed rail
sherwood 3ft adjustable bed

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