The Mobility Store are proud to be an approved stockist of Cosyfeet footwear, shoes, slippers, socks and hosiery that are extra wide, deeper and roomier and more comfortable than the wide fitting footwear you find in other shops. Cosyfeet styles for men & women have fittings in 6E women’s & 3H for men which will fit swollen feet and are designed to be easy to put on and take off have adjustable fastenings which make them suitable for bandaged feet and other foot problems.

Shoes and slippers can easily be ordered online or speak to one of our helpful consultants in one of our stores in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

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We stock a large range of Cosyfeet footwear in all our showrooms and our staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance in choosing the right shoes for your feet. Available for both ladies and men’s in a wide range of styles we recommend you visit one of our showrooms to get the correct fitting, style of footwear for you.

Should you require any further information then give your local Showroom a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q, What type of fitting are Cosyfeet Shoes?

A, Cosyfeet shoes are designed for feet that cannot fit into ordinary footwear. They are extra wide and deep so very roomy.

Q, How do you wash Cosyfeet Slippers?

A, They can be machine washed at 30℃ then stuff with newspaper or tissue to help them maintain their shape and allow them to dry naturally.

Q, Where are Cosyfeet shoes made?

A, They are manufactured in Portugal with their Headquarters in Somerset, UK.

Q, What type of Conditions are appropriate to wear Cosyfeet Shoes?

A, They are mainly suitable for wide, swollen or bandaged feet and particularly good for Diabetics and also for using Orthotics in as they are deeper than ordinary footwear.

Q, What type of Socks and Hosiery items do you stock?

A, Cosyfeet socks and Hosiery are stocked in all our Stores including the Extra Roomy range and Soft Seamless Socks for comfort and ease to get on and off.