All our stores hold a vast range of walking aids all designed to increase your confidence and to help if you feel unsafe when moving about. They are available to order online or try out and buy in our shop nearest to you. Choose from a rollator, tri walker, zimmer frame, walking stick or crutches. Our knowledgeable and friendly staff are trained to advise you on your choice of walking aid.

You can also contact us by email at, Alternatively call into any of our showrooms in Wiltshire and Gloucestershire.

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Keep Balanced and Safe whilst Out and About

If you find you are struggling when out and about pop into one of our Stores to discuss options available to you with any of our experienced Showroom Staff. We have Walking Frames, Stylish Canes and Sticks as well as our popular Rollators and Tri walkers all able to make you more stable/balanced when walking around.

Should you require any further information then give your local Showroom a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q, How do you use Walking Aids?

A, Set the height of your stick/cane to your wrist crease whilst keeping your shoulders relaxed and not elevated. You should have a slight bend in your elbows when using the stick and standing upright. Any of our staff in Store will be happy to fit your newly purchased stick/cane exactly to you.

Q, What are Walking Aids?

A, Walking Aids give you extra support and help you balance giving you confidence and sometimes making walking less painful.

Q, What is a Walking Aid?

A, A Walking Aid is a device that helps keep your walking movement balanced and safe.

Q, What is the best Walking Aid for the elderly?

A, Canes, Walking Frames and Rollators are all good.

Q, How to get Walking Aids on the NHS?

A, Try your GP, Hospital Consultant or Physio. Check out the NHS Website.