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We are working in partnership with Wiltshire Hearing Services to provide top level hearing care at great value. Appointments are available in all our stores or in the comfort of your own home.

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Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect anyone in many different ways. Things like your age, your lifestyle, where you work, where you live and what you like to do for fun can all affect your hearing. Hearing loss can have quite an impact on your life, but it can also affect your loved ones, too. So if you’re worried about hearing loss, require a test, ear wax removal or you think you know someone who may require one of these services, we can help.

Signs of Hearing Loss

  • You have the TV or radio volume uncomfortably loud for other people
  • You find it difficult to hear dialogue at the cinema or theatre
  • Telephone conversations are hard work
  • You ask people to repeat things or misunderstand what they say
  • You have difficulty following conversations in groups
  • You feel isolated because you cannot hear properly
  • You avoid situations that you used to enjoy because of the way you hear
  • Someone suggests you might not be hearing as well as you used to

If you recognise any of the above signs in yourself or a loved one then it might be worth giving us a call to discuss how we can help.

How hearing aids work

Hearing aids work by enhancing the sounds around you to make them louder and clearer. And modern digital hearing aids are designed to identify and amplify speech rather than background noise.

So with the right advice and prescription most people find they can hear well again in most if not all situations.

Whatever digital hearing aid you choose it will be programmed, or tuned, to your individual hearing requirements.

The Hearing Store

Why choose Wiltshire Hearing Services?

Wide Choice of Products and Services

With Wiltshire Hearing Services you will be able to choose from many brands of hearing aids which include rechargeable and replacement batteries, where other high street companies are tied into single suppliers.
Ear wax removal is available by using micro suction in one of our clinics or in the comfort of your own home.

Unlimited Customer Care

Improving the quality of your hearing can take a bit of getting used to and your hearing aids will probably need some adjusting over time whilst you acclimatise to them and their special features.

Personal Care

Wiltshire Hearing Services offer a 1 to 1 service in the comfort of your home. This means you have a true experience in the environment in which you will mostly be using the new aids.

Free Aftercare

At Wiltshire Hearing all follow-up appointments and aftercare are free and included in the price of your new hearing aid meaning unbeatable service all the time. All this in the comfort of your own home or in a hearing clinic within our stores.

If you recognise any of the above signs in yourself or a loved one then it might be worth giving us a call to discuss how we can help.

Hearing appointments

How will the appointment work?

  • When you decide to book an appointment with our Hearing Aid Dispenser you can choose to hold the appointment at your home or your nearest Hearing & Mobility store.
  • When the appointment is booked, you will be given a leaflet about Wiltshire Hearing and the services they provide, along with a confirmed time and date for the appointment.
  • At the assessment, you will have a physical examination of your outer ear and an otoscopy to check for wax build-up.
  • You will then have a full audiometric test to assess the level of hearing loss. This involves listening to a number of different sounds to assess your hearing level and speaking to your audiologist about particular details of your hearing loss.
  • Once completed you will be given advice about your hearing and some possible solutions to help.

There is no obligation to purchase.

Should you decide to make a purchase, your new hearing aids will be ordered to your specification, and once they have arrived another appointment will be made to fit them.

Once fitted you will have a 60 day free trial with a money back guarantee if you do not wish to continue with the hearing aids after the 60 days.

After the first fitting the audiologist will arrange a 30 day appointment to assess how you are getting on with them and maybe do some ‘fine tuning adjustment’ to help.

After 60 days the hearing aids will be yours and a full aftercare package is put into place for the lifespan of the hearing aids – all included in the price of the hearing aids.

The Hearing Store

Call to book your Free Hearing test appointment in the comfort of your own home or in your nearest Hearing & Mobility Store.