Rascal Veo sport SR

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The Rascal Veo Sport SR is fully loaded with features in 2 striking colours. A modern, sporty design with class leading all-round suspension. With 22Ah batteries, a superb capacity for a scooter of its size, affording a range of up to 14.9 miles. A padded delta tiller boasting a convenient charging point and luxury seat, detailed with unique white accent stitching, the Veo Sport SR is a real pleasure to ride.

The Veo Sport SR’s easy and robust take apart mechanism allows you to store or drive away with it in the boot of your car, so it is very practical yet with its distinctive looks, exclusive all-round suspension plus LED front light, this is the travel scooter with the edge!

Technical Specification – Rascal Veo Sport SR Scooter
NOTE: This scooter meets the relevant requirements of ISO 7176-14:2008 Electrical Safety
*Range on full charge and flat ground based on ISO 7176-4:2008 Theoretical Distance Test
**Do not charge battery outside this temperature range. Doing so can permanently damage battery.
Due to a policy of continual improvement, Electric Mobility Euro Ltd. reserves the right to change specifications without
prior notice.
Wheelchair type Class A, B or C Class B
Department of Transport class Class 1, 2 or 3 Class 2
Overall dimensions fully assembled length x width x height mm (in) 1080 (42.6) x 600 (23.6) x 883 (34.8)
Dimensions seat back and tiller folded length x width x height mm (in) 1080 (42.6) x 600 (23.6) x 710 (27.9)
Maximum carrying capacity Kg (lbs) ((stone)) 130 (286.6) ((20.5))
Mass (weight) including 14Ah batteries Kg (lbs) 53.4 (117.7)
Mass (weight) including 22Ah batteries Kg (lbs) 57.9 (127.6)
Mass (weight) of heaviest part Kg (lbs) 20.2 (44.5)
Mass (weight) of Standard pack (22Ah) Kg (lbs) 14.3 (31.5)
Mass (weight) of Lightweight pack (14Ah) Kg (lbs) 9.8 (21.7)
Maximum shopping basket load Kg (lbs) 4.5 (9.9)
Battery Voltage & Capacity – Lightweight Volts and Ampere-hours 12V / 14Ah x 2
Battery Voltage & Capacity – Standard Volts and Ampere-hours 12V / 22Ah x 2
Type of seat Comfort seat with folding backrest and adjustable armrests
Mass (weight) of seat Kg (lbs) 10.8 (23.8)
Wheel dimensions Front & Rear mm (in) 200 (7.9) × 50 (2)
Type of tyres Solid foam filled – puncture proof, or Pneumatic ‘Air’ option
Pneumatic ‘Air’ Tyre Pressure Front/Rear p.s.i. (bar) 36 (2.48)
Maximum speed Km/h (m.p.h.) 6.4 (4)
Minimum braking distance at max. speed m (ft) 0.97 (3.18)
Range* – 14Ah Batteries Km (miles) 15.3 (9.5)
Range* – 22Ah Batteries Km (miles) 24.0 (14.9)
Turn-around width m (ft) 1.40 (4.6)
Maximum safe slope Degrees of slope 6° -Do not exceed scooter may topple
Maximum climbing ability facing forward Degrees of slope 6°
Ground clearance mm (in) 60 (2.4)
Maximum obstacle climbing ability mm (in) 50 (2)
Maximum safe descendable kerb height mm (in) 50 (2)
Force to operate accelerator control Newtons (lbf) 3.2 (0.72)
Force to operate freewheel lever Newtons (lbf) 58.8 (13.2)
Ambient operating temperature range** °C (°F) 2 (35.6) to 40 (104

Please Note: This product is the improved, upgrade to & replacement for the Veo Sport.


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