Cansfield Mink Rise and Recliner Chair.

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£810.00 inc. VAT

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The Cansfield Rise and Recliner Chair is a stylish addition to any living room. The Cansfield offers superior comfort and is available in a variety of colours and features both lift and recline action. Each chair has an easy-to-use handset with 2 button control. The Cansfield Chair has a high quality OKIN single motor drive system. The chair is fully certified to British Standards. This chair must be placed at least 26″ from the wall for daily operation. The chair has a maximum user weight limit of (135kg/297lbs).

  • EASY TO USE; Easy to assemble with no tools required. Simple two button handset for simple rise and recline functions
  • FEATURES; Side Pockets for storage, 500mm seat width, 510mm seat depth, 435mm seat height, high quality OKIN motor for a smooth rise and recline
  • CLEARANCE REQUIRED; Ensure 65cm clearance behind the chair and 40cm in front of the chair
  • MATERIAL; Durable Upholstery. 100% Polyester material with a linen effect finish
  • ELECTRIC LIFT UP; Mains powered with high quality OKIN motor for smooth lifting
  • BATTERY BACK UP SYSTEM; In the event of a power failure the chair will automatically switch over to battery power but only run for one cycle before the batteries are discharged


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