Bath In Bed Wipes

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Reynard Bath in Bed Wipes are ideal for fast, effective and gentle waterless cleansing of the body and face. They can be used hot or cold and are unperfumed to be extremely gentle to the skin.

Traditional basin bathing can lead to poor skin integrity and nosocomial infections; scummy basin water creates a ‘bacteria soup’ leaving patients microbiologically dirtier after the bath. Reynard’s Bath in Bed can be used to cleanse the skin, remove harmful bacteria, control odour, stimulate tissue and promote relaxation and comfort.

Bath in Bed is ideal for cleansing when washing facilities are not easily available. They are widely used within hospital and home situations, in addition to outside activities where water is not readily available i.e. camping, boating, fishing, family outings and numerous other activities.

✔ Covers a larger area of the body so fewer wipes are needed

✔ Does not attach itself to dry skin

✔ Can be used by those sensitive to perfumes

✔ Effective cleansing and rinse-free with no sticky residue

✔ No need for tubes or sprays of separate moisturizer

✔ Reduces cross-contamination

✔ Dermatologically tested and approved

✔ Complete bathing system

✔ Waterless

✔ Moisturises

Format Soft Pack
Wipe Size 33 x 23cm
Wipes per pack 8


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