Axiom SP Fluid Cushion

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Axiom SP Fluid takes advantage of the Axiom Difference and is designed to provide increased immersion and envelopment, using a Hydrolite fluid bladder instead of the Viscoelastic Foam used in the Axiom SP Visco.
The Hydrolite fluid bladder sits on top of the waterproof inner cover; reducing surface tension and maximizing envelopment of the ischia and coccyx. The bladder rests directly under the super stretch outer cover, allowing it to conform to the tissues supporting the Ischial Tuberosities. By using the super 4-way stretch Lycra outer cover material, surface tension is reduced, providing better immersion into the well.
It’s important for all cushions to have a properly designed pre-contoured shape. That’s why we cooperated with Georgia Tech to study anthropometrics. Axiom SP Fluid has a properly designed pre-contoured shape. Axiom SP Fluid is designed to provide increased immersion, allowing the trochanters to bear an effective load, widening the base of support, and reducing the load the Ischial Tuberosities must bear.

Width35,5 – 55,9 cm (14″ – 22″)

Depth35,5 – 55,9 cm (14″ – 22″)

Height (Leg Troughs)8,3 cm (3,3″)

Height (Overall)11,4 cm (4,5″)

Weight1,63 kg (3,6 lbs)

Weight Capacity158 kg (350 lbs)


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