Airscape Portable Scooter

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Introducing the Airscape: your gateway to freedom in motion. Crafted on the foundation of our renowned Lithilite and Alumina models, the Airscape is tailored for individuals seeking the independence of a lithium-powered mobility solution without compromising on affordability.

With the Airscape, embrace the countless benefits of owning a lithium mobility scooter without denting your budget. Designed to cater to your on-the-go lifestyle, this sleek model effortlessly disassembles into five compact parts, fitting snugly into the boot of your car. Its featherlight frame, coupled with cutting-edge lithium technology, ensures effortless lifting, empowering you to navigate your world with ease.

Equipped with an airplane-friendly battery, the Airscape is your ideal travel companion, granting you the freedom to explore near and far. Glide along smoothly on solid, puncture-proof wheels, while basking in the comfort of its plush seat. The Airscape goes the extra mile with a 360-degree swivel seat, facilitating seamless transitions on and off the scooter.

Though slightly more petite in frame compared to its counterparts, the Airscape boasts impressive strength, capable of carrying up to 21 stone up a 6-degree incline. Experience mobility redefined with the Airscape – where convenience, comfort, and affordability converge to enrich your journey every step of the way.


Length 104cm / 41″

Width 48.5cm / 19″

Height 97cm / 38″

Seat Width 43cm / 17″

Seat Depth 34cm / 13.5″

Front Wheel  Solid 7.5″

Rear wheels Solid 7.5″

Total Weight 77lbs / 35kg

Heaviest Part 32lbs / 14.5kg

Battery Weight 4.5 lbs / 2.2kg

Max User Weight 21 stone / 135kg

Range 10 Miles /17kph

Speed 4mph / 6.4kph

Battery 24 v 10ah Lithium

Motor 270w

Ground Clearance 5cm / 2″

Max Gradient 6 degrees

Turning Radius 125cm / 49″


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