Swivel Bath Seat With Cut Out

£125.00 ex. VAT

£150.00 inc. VAT

Introducing our revolutionary Swivel Bath Seat with Cut Out, designed specifically for the comfort and safety of our cherished elders during their shower time. This electric lift chair combines functionality with utmost convenience, ensuring a seamless bathing experience.

Crafted with precision, this swivel seat effortlessly rotates, providing easy access and exit from the bath. The cut-out design enhances comfort, catering to individuals with mobility challenges. Our commitment to safety is paramount, and this seat is equipped with sturdy handles for added support, promoting stability while bathing.

Ideal for the elderly, this innovative chair not only offers ease of movement but also promotes independence. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional bath seats – our swivel seat simplifies the bathing routine, allowing the bather to enjoy a relaxing shower experience with confidence.

Whether it’s for personal use or caregiving purposes, our Swivel Bath Seat with Cut Out is the perfect addition to any bathroom. Invest in comfort, invest in safety, invest in quality – because our elders deserve nothing less.


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