Cosyfeetcosyfeet_imageExtra roomy footwear, socks, hosiery and so much more…

Find the comfort you crave with Cosyfeet’s range of extra roomy footwear. It’s specially designed to fit swollen feet as well as bunions, problem toes & orthotics.  You’ll also find a great choice of premium-quality socks, hosiery and professional foot comfort products.

The Mobility Store are an OFFICIAL distributor of Cosyfeet products. Please ask us about how Cosyfeet products can help you.

What sort of feet can Cosyfeet fit?

Cosyfeet’s expertise is in fitting swollen feet. The footwear isn’t just extra-wide, it’s extra deep as well which means it’s very roomy. It’s also adjustable so it can fit a range of swelling from minor to very swollen. They also fit very wide feet, problem toes, bunions, bandaging and orthotics. Lots of thought goes into Cosyfeet’s shoemaking including carefully placed seams, comfy insoles and cushioned support.

What makes Cosyfeet shoes different from the rest?

  • Adjustable fastenings for a flexible fit
  • Deeper & roomier than they look
  • Some styles have removeable insoles to allow for orthotics
  • Easy to get on & off a swollen foot
  • REMEMBER! ALL Cosyfeet’s styles are an extra-wide fitting
  • EEEEE+ for women
  • HH+ for men