Kingsley Single Motor Rise & Recliner

£750.00  (excl. VAT)
£900.00  (inc. VAT)


Combining exceptional comfort and great design, the Kingsley rise and recliner chair guarantees highly supportive seating with its fully adjustable three cushion back, generous layers of foam and multiple sprung base.

The smooth and quiet motors of both the single and dual motor models allows you to safely stand, recline and relax in comfort.

Other user friendly features include the simple-to-use hand controller, which can be quickly swapped for either right-hand or left-hand use.  The large pockets are conveniently positioned on both sides of the chair, allowing you plenty of storage space and the seat covers are removable and replaceable.

The complete Kingsley collection is available for express delivery in both standard and compact size chairs, in seven luxurious fabrics including the easy-clean leatherette at an addition cost.

Other optional extras for the Kingsley include arm covers.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable, supportive and comfortable Waterfall cushion back
  • Two seat size options allow for perfect fit for the user
  • Dual and single motor models available for next day delivery
  • Allows the user to safely stand and lower to and from sitting position
  • Handset can be quickly adjusted from right to left hand use
  • 7 choices of fabrics, including easy clean leatherette
  • Generously filled cushioning and combination sprung seat for ultimate comfort


Model Standard Single Standard Dual Compact Single Compact Dual
Back Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall
Size Standard Standard Compact Compact
Motor Single Dual Single Dual
Action Type Standard Standard Standard Standard
User Weight (Max) 21 st. (135 kg) 21 st (135 kg) 16 st. (100 kg) 19 st. (120 kg)
Seat Height 19 in. (480 mm) 19 in. (480 mm) 18 in. (460 mm) 18 in. (460 mm)
Seat Width 21 in. (530 mm) 20 in (510 mm) 19 in. (480 mm) 18 in. (460 mm)
Seat Depth 19 in. (480 mm) 19 in. (480 mm) 18 in. (460 mm) 18 in. (460 mm)
Overall Height 45 in. (1140 mm) 45 in. (1140 mm) 42 in. (1070 mm) 42 in. (1070 mm)
Overall Width 33 in. (840 mm) 32 in. (810 mm) 31 in. (790 mm) 30 in. (760 mm)
Overall Depth 38 in. (960 mm) 38 in. (960 mm) 35 in. (890 mm) 35 in. (890 mm)
Back Height 27 in. (690 mm) 27 in. (690 mm) 27 in. (690 mm) 27 in. (690 mm)
Leg Lift Height 17 in. (430 mm) 17 in. (430 mm) 17 in. (430 mm) 17 in. (430 mm)
Warranty 1 year 1 year 1 year 1 year


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