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£1250.00  (excl. VAT)
£1500.00  (inc. VAT)


A modular design concept has resulted in a power wheelchair that breaks down into four easy to remove parts. This set up allows for easy storage of the chair and transportation in the boot of your car, with the option to remove the wireless battery and charge indoors or via the conveniently located joystick port.


The K-Chair truly excels when it comes to indoor spaces. Designed to be compact with a tight turning circle of just under 19”, this nifty power chair is ideal for getting around the house without encountering the size restrictions of a mobility scooter. That’s not to say that this electric power wheelchair can’t also be used outside of the house; on the contrary, the K-Chair can reach up to 12.5 miles on one full charge, making it ideal for trips around your local area. Its Dynamic Linx control system is also very user-friendly and simple to operate.



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