Faraday Avita Carbon Fibre Active Day Wheelchair

£2695.00  (excl. VAT)
£3234.00  (inc. VAT)


Prices start from £2495 and come in a variety of colours and options.

The Avita employs an Ultralight yet very strong carbon fibre chassis, combined with a beautiful and head-turning design. Overall wheelchair weights of 7kg, with a transport weight (without rear wheels) of just 5kg.

Excellent agility of the wheelchair is also another key feature of the Avita. Built in partnership with AVITA-MED
Besides giving it great manoeuvrability, this lightweight chair gives the end user the ability to transfer the chair into their vehicles without relying on another person.
Carbon Fibre composites are among the lightest and strongest structural materials widely used in various
applications from aerospace to marine structures, wind turbines and high-end sports car. With a strength to weight ration 5 times that of steel and can be formed into complex shares and beautiful designs. It has an exceptional durability.


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