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Double Adjustable Aluminium Crutches

£27.83  (excl. VAT)
£33.40  (inc. VAT)


These crutches are designed for both short or long term use and are available in four sizes. Made of lightweight aluminium with  PVC handgrips for user comfort, and forearm cuffs that are vinyl coated. Adjustments to the handgrip and the cuff height can be made independently in 1 inch increments using the push button adjustments.
Sold in pairs.

Handgrip Height                                           Cuff to handgrip
Small       17-26in / 44-67cm                        6-8in / 16-21cm
Medium    21-31in / 53-78cm                        9-11in / 22-27cm
Large       26-36in / 65-91cm                        9-11in / 22-27cm

Ex long    32-42in / 82-107cm                       9-11in / 22-27cm


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