Fuss Free Phones

Fuss Free Phones is a new mobile phone network using O2 and covering 95% of the UK. Just tell us who you want to speak to and we’ll put you through. Peace of mind for you and your loved ones knowing that you can easily be contacted.

Your personal telephonist service

We take the fuss out of mobiles, making it easy to call. One button on the back of the handset links you to our 24 hour call centre where our friendly telephonists will put a call through for you, or send a text.

It’s simple, we take the fuss out of using a phone by having real people to help with every call, or you can dial yourself using our easy to use handset. With no automated call services, no monthly bills and a team of people based in the UK who will help you at every step.

  • Make your own calls or use the concierge service.
  • Help on hand in an emergency.
  • Someone to manage your phonebook, like an old-fashioned Personal Assistant.
  • Trusted callers list.
  • Bridges the technology gap between generations.
  • Easy texts without having to press any buttons, telephonists will type the message for you.
  • For everyday, not just emergencies.

Unique No Nuisance Calls Service

With Fuss Free Phones the people you know call call you direct. Everyone else can be diverted to out telephonists who will answer the call for you.

How does it work?

What makes Fuss Free Phones different is our team of UK telephonists.

When you sign up we ask you for the names and numbers of the people and places you want to call. Then simply press the Fuss Free button on the back of the phone and you’ll be connected to your telephonist, who will put you through. It typically takes under 20 seconds to connect you.

Fuss Free Phones will send text messages for you. Just tell your telephonist who you want to text and what you want to say and we will type it. Replies can be sent to your phone or we’ll call and read them to you.

Trusted Callers List

Only Fuss Free Phones allows you to control who calls you. The names and numbers of the people you most frequently call become your Trusted Callers List. When they phone you the call goes straight through to your Fuss Free Phone.

Any other caller can be diverted to our telephonists who answer the call for you. If it’s about double glazing or PPI or one of the increasing number of fraudulent calls we’ll hang up on your behalf. If it’s genuine we’ll put them through to you.

A friend at the end of the phone

We can also help you in lots of others ways. If you call with an emergency, we’ll call your designated friends and family or the emergency service and put you through. We can look up information for you and if you want add, change or remove any contacts from your Trusted Callers list, we’ll amend the details.

For more information contact us and we can help you get this great service!